From 「NARUTO Shippuden」, “Uchiha Sasuke” Shinobi World War ver. has appeared from the MegaHouse figure series “G.E.M.”. Pre-orders are available through “Premium Bandai”.

This figure replicates Sasuke’s scene from the Fourth Shinobi from World War which fascinating readers by fighting scenes and fierce battles. In addition to the “normal face”, the facial expression parts include “Sharingan + Rinnegan ver.” and “devil-like expression”.

Furthermore, it’s possible to display without a sword by replacing the left hand part. There are also plenty of replacement parts so that this item could make you enjoy various Sasuke.

“G.E.M. Series NARUTO Shippuden Uchiha Sasuke Shinobi World War Ver” is 14,300 yen (tax inclusive), and pre-orders are currently available through “Premium Bandai”. The products are estimated to be sent in May 2020.

(C) Kishimoto Masashi Scott / Shueisha / TV Tokyo / Pierrot