To commemorate the 『Gundam』 series 40th anniversary, 「GUNDAM CALENDAR Illustrations」, a collection of historical illustrations of 「Gundam Calendar」 that were drawn every year will be released. This calendar has a collection of 105 illustration with a variety of art works from the year 2005 – 2019, a total of 15 years.

The illustrations recorded in 「GUNDAM CALENDAR Illustrations」 had a wide range of variety of designs and characters as they were made as part of the calendar. Many of the detailed illustrations were so well-made to the point that it’ll be a waste to just dispose them.

In 2008, demolished mobile suits after the climax were drawn surrounded in a mysterious and sorrowful atmosphere, while in 2009, the 30th anniversary of the series, features after Amuro had met many rivals including Char, and was on his way to the final battlefield “A Baoa Qu”, in 2014 when 『Gundam UC』 was completed, the impressionable mobile suits and scenes were picked up from the movie.

On the other hand, many illustrations depicting situations that you can’t usually see were recorded in the calendar.
In 2006, catalogue used for selling Gundams containing shots of the 「RX-78 Gundam」 from various angles were used as the image, following that in 2010, the music was imaged with the concept of a CD jacket, while in 2011, the special firearms magazine featuring the theme of 「Weapon」and 「Armor」 was used as the image.

In addition, 2015 features a spot comparison between the use of “artificial” Gundams and the beautiful “nature” of each season, in accordance with the “season exploration” aspect of the calendar.
And in 2019, a scene that had never been drawn so far, a scene that gives off a sense of peacefulness and hope in your everyday life, a connection to the future, painting the year of 40th anniversary.

Furthermore, plenty of additional mobile suits that doesn’t appear as much like the Blue Destiny Unit 1, Psycommu Test High Mobility Type Zaku, Bawoo, Gottrlatan etc., including the 2016 Neo Zeong and the theme of 2017 which is giant mobile suits and mobile armor were added, making it a big-size calendar.
In 2007, the 「Main Role Change Play」 a gimmick was added that if all the pieces were to be gathered, a single background picture of the earth can be formed, a piece of art that can be enjoyed over and over again.

「GUNDAM CALENDAR Illustrations」 is priced at 5,000¥(Tax Excluded). Custom-made production pre-orders are accepted until 23:59 on September 25th, and shipping is scheduled around November 15th.

【Custom-made production】「GUNDAM CALENDAR Illustrations」
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