The infamous “Super Alloy” 「Hello Kitty」loved by people world wide comes in with a design inspired by the 1970s. Will be available for sale in hobby shops throughout the entire country from December 2019.

The item 「Super Alloy Hello Kitty (45TH ANNIVERSARY)」was made to celebrate 「Hello Kitty」's 45th anniversary since its birth, and the aforementioned "Super Alloy" series 45th collaboration anniversary as well.
The design was inspired by the 「Hello Kitty」 born in the 1970 where at that time exists an item called the 「Puchi Purse」, it had an illustration of Hello Kitty with a milk bottle with a straw and a bowl of goldfish next to her on each side.

A ratchet is mounted on its neck whereby if you twist it, you can enjoy the vibrations on your hands when it vibrates. In addition, due to the liberal use of the die casting process, you can enjoy its heavy weight as the name"Super Alloy"states

「Super Alloy Hello Kitty (45TH ANNIVERSARY)」is scheduled for release nation-wide starting from December 2019. In addition to Japan, it will also be released in 22 countries and regions world wide. The price will be 4,000¥ (Tax not included).

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