The MV 「Butter-Fly~Hatsune Miku Version~」was sung by Miku entirely while the illustrations were drawn by Atsuya Uki, the character designer for 『Digimon Adventures tri.』 was just released as a form of collaboration between 「Hatsune Miku」 and 『Digimon Adventures』. Furthermore , collaboration illustrations drawn by illustrators Rella, Jirou Sameyama and Naoki Saito were also released.

This version of Miku that sang Digimon's representative song 「Butter-Fly~Hatsune Miku Version~」is also known for singing 「39Music!」 and 「ROKI」which were all arranged and tuned by mikitoP.
In the MV made by the video creator Okiku, with Atsuya Uki's collboration illustrations as the main, included and scattered several famous scenes from 『Digimon Adventures』as a form of collaboration.

Furthermore this time, collaboration illustrations made by illustrators Rella, Jirou Sameyama, Naoki Satou and Toei Animation was also released.
General applications for the song「Butter-Fly~Hatsune Miku Version~」such as; recruitment plans for collaboration illustrations, merchandise production, holding SHOP tourswill be announced in the future.

<Below contains a full commentary>
When I was told to do the arrangement for Hatsune Miku's「Butter Fly」, I was worried for sometime as I was unsure whether itthat if was fine to let me handle the arrangements as I'm not from the Digimon generation, but its rare to be given a chance to be involved in the "music" aspect of Digimon as it is an important element of the Digimon World, therefore I was honored to take this oppurtunity.

To heighten up the spirit of celebrating the 20th anniversary, I will attempt to review all the past works before the 2020 Movie comes out. The first meeting with Digimon, I'm getting excited.

(C)Akiyoshi Hongo・Toei Animation
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