The Movie “IDOL Bu SHOW” will be screened on June 24. The first admission present for this film will be a random “unit bromide” of three different types. In addition, a new promotional video showing some of the anime live scenes and live-action live performance scenes has also been released.

The Movie “IDOL Bu SHOW” is a “music battle royale project” of idols, which started its activities in 2019 and is fought by “sales” of each unit and votes received for the “Bu SHOW” of each team. The music is produced by Saito Shigeru, Tomita Akihiro, and Kisara Yohei for each unit, and NOB-C is in charge of key visuals and character design. The lyricist Nakamura Kanata has created the idols’ stories, and the film is produced by a team of splendid creators and staff members.
The Movie “IDOL Bu SHOW” will be released in theaters following the release of the music and events, and will be a two-part movie consisting of the first animation produced, plus live-action live performance footage streamed in the summer of 2020.

The three random “unit bromides” that have been selected as first-come, first-served admission gifts feature the gorgeous voice cast in their “IDOL Bu SHOW” costumes, with limited-edition visuals only available at theaters.

In advance of the release, a spectacular live animation scene of the three groups participating in the “Battle Royale” was also released, and a new promotional video clip was also released in which some of the precious live-action live performance of the “NO PRINCESS,” “Crescent Moon Eyes,” and “X-UC” units were used. Enjoy the live-action live performance of the film ahead of time.

The Movie “IDOL Bu SHOW” will be screened from June 24. After its release, the film will be screened for three consecutive weeks with a special stage greeting featuring the gorgeous cast. Various tickets are now on sale.

(C) “IDOL Bu SHOW the Movie” Production Committee