The Association of Japanese Animations (AJA) has soft-launched its anime database ‘Anime Taizen’ on October 22nd, on the “Day of Anime”.

‘Anime Taizen’ is a compilation of the “Anime NEXT_100” project, which has been promoted since 2015 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Japanese anime.
The world’s largest anime database gives users access to the basic information of 14,249 Japanese anime works (as of 9/16/2021) that are registered.
Users are provided with detailed information of a total of 177,474 episodes based on their research.

With the hopes of providing sources for research, business, creativity, or simply for recreational purposes, the database allows users to search anime works by various categories such as title, year of release, Japanese alphabet, and keywords. The service is highly anticipated to expand the future possibility of Japanese anime.

This soft launch is directed at AJA’s member companies and copyright owners for data examination and operation confirmation ahead of the public release.
After the experiment, the database will be improved and updated to be ready for the public release in March 2022.

(C)2017 ‘Anime NEXT_100’

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