To commemorate the release of the animated film “Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya: Licht – The Nameless Girl”, an online kuji(lottery), where you have a chance to win special goods featuring “newly drawn swimsuits illustrations” of Illya, Miyu, and Chloe, has been released. The kuji is on sale on the “KUJIBIKIDO” official website from August 27.

The lineup is following; S Prize “Selectable Life-sized Cloth Poster (3 designs in total)”, A Prize “Clear Poster (3 designs in total)”, B Prize “Acrylic Stand (3 designs in total)”, C Prize “Acrylic Strap (9 designs in total)”, and D Prize “75mm Tin Badge (9designs in total)”. You will win one of these prizes.

As “Twitter Follow&Retweet Campaign”, 3 winners, from those who follow the “KUJIBIKIDO” official Twitter account and retweet a certain post during the period, will be given “Collection of Hand-written Autographs” of Kadowaki Mai (voice of Illya), Nazuka Kaori (voice of Miyu), and Saito Chiwa (voice of Chloe).

Moreover, as “Bonus Campaign”, those who purchased【10 Draws Set】 will be given a “Heart-shaped Tin Badge” randomly from multiple designs.(*The design will be different depending on when you purchase)

‘The Movie “Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya: Licht – The Nameless Girl” Kuji’ is priced at 770 JPY(incl. tax)/play. It will be on sale on “KUJIBIKIDO”‘s official website from August 27 to September 20, 2021. The shipping of the prizes is scheduled for between mid-November and mid-December.