From “Dragon Ball”, the 4th edition of the Ichiban Kuji “Dragon Ball EX Series” features young Vegeta, Nappa, and Saibaiman figures have been released. It is currently on sale at bookstores and hobby shops. It will also be on sale at Ichiban Kuji ONLINE from August 4, 2021.

The A prize is a young Vegeta figure with a fearless smile. The image of his first time on Earth is faithfully reproduced, including the silhouette of a slightly curvy body. The attached scouter can be replaced.

The B prize is a Nappa figure that made Piccolo and other Z warriors despair with their overwhelming power. Like Vegeta, the included scouter can be replaced, and you can decorate it as you like.

The C prize is Goku, who fought a fierce battle with Vegeta. Goku at the beginning of “Dragon Ball Z” is reproduced, including his bulging muscles and silhouette of a slightly curved outline of his face.

The D prize is a 3D figure of Gohan in the costume from the Saiyan war, which was also the first actual battle.

For the E prize, Saibaiman who afflicted the Z warriors as a vanguard of Vegeta Nappa. His arm and fist parts can be easily moved and various poses are possible.
From the familiar “DRAGON ARCHIVES” series, the F prize is a figure of 4 characters “Son Gohan (Great Monkey Transformation)”, “Kaiou-sama”, “Nappa & Son Goku”, and “Son Gohan & Higher Dragon” recreating an impressive moment for each character.

In addition, there are a total of 6 types of G-Prize metal pair coasters, including Vegeta, Nappa, and Broly.
There are a total of 8 types of H prize art towels, including the “crude” style design of the Red Ribbon Army.
The I-Prize visual board contains a total of 6 familiar and famous illustrations.

“MASTERLISE Nappa (Last One ver.)” is the Last One Award, which you can get by pulling the last one. In addition to being able to attach and detach the scouter as in the B prize, by putting the attached bonus parts on the head, it is possible to reproduce the appearance of the young Nappa that appeared in the TV special “Only One Final Battle”.
In addition, a double chance campaign will be held in which figures with the same specifications as the A prize can be won by lottery.

The price of “Ichiban Kuji Dragon Ball EX World Divide Super Battle !!” is priced at 800 JPY (tax included) for 1 try. It is currently on sale at bookstores, hobby shops, arcades, drug stores, and other places. It will be on sale from August 4, 2021, on Ichiban Kuji ONLINE.

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