The movie “I Want to Eat Your Pancreas” was broadcast on “Friday Roadshow” (July 23, 2021). The comment from the director Ushijima Shinichirou has arrived.

The original work of “I Want to Eat Your Pancreas” was is the bestseller novel by Sumino Yoruur, which has marked the sale of over 3 million copies.
“Me”, who was told from myhis classmate Sakura that her life is endingnot much left, shares his secrets and does his best to spend the remainingrest of time with her as much as possible.

The animation movie nominates Takasugi Mahiru for the protagonist “Me”, and Lynn for the heroine Yamauchi Sakura. The animation production was done by Studio VOLN (“Ushio to Tora”) and Ushijima Shinichirou, who has experienced as the sub-director for “One Punch Man” and “ALL OUT!!”, directed the movie throughout for the first time.

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Points that the most energy was put on

I reminded myself that the two of them are “on the opposite extreme”, as mentioned by Sakura in the movieSakura’s line in the movie mentions. If Sakura is “activemovement”, “Me” is “docile” still”. I asked the animators to give unnecessary movements to Sakura, and efficient movements to “Me” on the other hand. Also, the room for “me” and the library were filled with manly, square, and heavy symbols, and Sakura’s room was filled with small, feminine objects. I tried to express “opposite extremes” not only in their personality, but also with visuals as well.

Points that the audience must pay attention
First, please notice thatfind where the true name of “Me” is hidden in the movie. This might be hard to be spotted, but do also check outThe unclear point can be the ways that “Me” and Sakura talk. The way “Me” talks gradually change, when he isdoes not good at speaking to people in the beginning but slowly getting used to it step by step. Sakura begins to show her emotion in her words, as she begins to open her heart to him. You will love them a lot more when you realize those small clues, and the ending will move your heart stronger.

Memorable Episode in the Recording Session

Everyone from sumikaSumika-san, who sung the main theme song, attended the recording session without prior offer. Their acting were so natural that most of their parts were accepted onfor the first try. This fun time had help to ease the tension of the recording sessionIt was fun time that the recording session filled with tension was eased. Please find who plays what in the movie.

Message to audience

I adapted the novel filled with love from Sumino-sensei. This movie is about the life of “Me”, Kyouko, Gum-kun, Takahiro, Dad, Mom, and others. This movie is about the boy’s life being enriched after interacting with a girl named Sakura. Please feel the gift from Sakura after finishing the movie.

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