The latest film in the long-awaited “Sing” series, “Sing 2,” will be released nationwide in Spring, 2022. In addition, an original trailer and a teaser poster have been unveiled showing Buster and his new friends stepping into the next stage of their lives, which has been gorgeously scaled up.

The film, produced by Illumination Entertainment, known for the “Minions,” “The Secret Life of Pets,” and “Despicable Me” series, is an “energizing entertainment” movie that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike and features more than 60 hit and classic songs by Frank Sinatra, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Stevie Wonder, etc.

In Japan, the only country in the world that was allowed the production of a dubbed version of the film, the gorgeous voice actors/actresses and production team gathered and the quality of the film was a big hit. The film became a huge hit in Japan, recording box-office receipts of over 5.1 billion yen, making it the number one hit at the international box office (results for countries and regions outside the U.S.). “Sing 2” will be the long-awaited latest film, five years after the last one.

Since the events depicted in the previous film, “Sing,” Rosita, Ash, Johnny, Meena, and Gunter, led by Buster, have become very popular in their hometown. The New Moon Theater is packed every day and full of life.

But Buster had a bigger “dream”: to present a new show at the Crystal Tower Theater in Redshore City, a prestigious, glitzy, glittering entertainment capital in the world.

To do so with no connection, they must pass an audition by Jimmy, the ruthless owner of Crystal Entertainment. Gunter suddenly proposes an outrageous idea to get Jimmy’s attention. The idea is to get the reclusive rock legend, Clay Calloway, to perform in the show.

Will Buster be able to get Clay to perform in his show, and will his friends be able to pull it off?

The teaser poster released this time depicts Buster’s back view looking into the audience. The new poster gives us a thrilling feeling of what kind of show will unfold on the new stage.

“Sing 2” will feature an overwhelmingly scaled up dance, musical, and concerts with gorgeous hit songs. Stick around, there is more to come for this latest piece of energizing music entertainment.

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