From “Classroom of the Elite” comes the figure of Karuizawa Kei in the swimsuit. Pre-orders are available at nationwide of Japan’s hobby/ anime shop and online web store.

The product is a figure of Karuizawa Kei of “Classroom of the Elite”. In the anime, this phantom and daring “swimsuit appearance” was not shown as there are some secrets behind it.

Her bikini appearance that can be seen through the gap of the half open rash guard was made in consideration of her secrets while also expressing her charms.
Also, if the purchase is made on Hobby Stock, it will come with the “embarrassed face part” as a novelty, so do check it out.

“Classroom of the Elite 1/6 Karuizawa Kei Swimsuits ver.” is priced at 19,250 JPY (tax included). The release is scheduled for December 2021.

Hobby Stock Co., Ltd. (C) Kinugasa Shougo Illustration: Tomose Shunsaku