From “So, I’m a Spider, So What?”, the final form of the protagonist, “Arachne” has became a figure. Pre-orders are currently available at KADOKAWA Store, Dengeki-ya, and other stores.

This figure is based on the original design by the illustrator of the original novel Kiryu Tsukasa, which was also used for the pin-up of “So, I’m a Spider, So What Ex” .
The final of “me”, “Arachne” and the human form “Shiraori” can be switched back and forth.
Moreover, by adding mini light (sold separately), the spider eye will shine. The curly hair, the large spider head, and other parts of her appearance are delicately design and produced.

The B2-sized cloth poster will come along with the purchase of the special version.

“’So, I’m a Spider, So What?’ Original Novel Version ‘Me’ Arachne/Shiraori 1/7 Scale Figure” is priced for 31,350 JPY (tax included) for the regular version, and 33,000 JPY (tax included) for the special version. The pre-orders are currently available at KADOKAWA Store, Dengeki-ya, Ebten, and other stores until September 1. The release is scheduled around June 2022.

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