“Detective Conan” releases Edo kiriko glasses features Ai Haibara and Tohru Amuro. Pre-orders are currently available at PREMICO Online Shop.

“Detective Conan Edo Kiriko Glass” includes two designs: “Komurasaki no Kagakusha (The Scientist of Dark Purple)” inspired by Ai Haibara and “Kariyasuiro no Shiritsu Tantei (The Private Detective of Yellow)” inspired by Tohru Amuro.
Every single item of the 300 limited glassware is made by Edo kiriko artisans using the traditional technique. The glasses will come in a special paulownia box that has an illustration on the lid.

“Komurasaki no Kagakusha” features the traditional rokkaku kagome-mon pattern, using it to resemble the chemical structural formula to portray Haibara as a scientist. The glass has flask-shaped cuts, the chemical name “APTX4869”, and the silhouette of the capsule spread all over as if it is a code.

When you finish drinking, you will see Ai Haibara’s silhouette and the edition number on the bottom of the glass.

“Kariyasuiro no Shiritsu Tantei” features the traditional yarai-mon pattern, using triangles instead of squares to symbolize his “Triple Face”. The glass also has features that represent Amuro, such as the beautiful kiku kazaguruma-mon and zero kagome-mon with a shape of “0” hidden.

There are the edition number and Amuro’s silhouette on the bottom of the glass, which you will see when you finish the drink.

Detective Conan Edo Kiriko Glass is priced at 29,800 JPY (tax-excluded). Pre-orders start on June 30, 2021, on PREMICO online shop for a limited number.

(C)Gosho Aoyama / Shougakukan, Yomiuri TV, TMS 1996