From “Maison Ikkoku” comes “Otonashi Kyouko -Shiromuku- 1/7 Scale Figure”. Pre-orders are currently available on Furyu’s online shop “F:NEX”.

“Maison Ikkoku” is a rom-com manga by Takahashi Rumiko, serialized in Big Comic Spirits from the first issue. It depicts the love story centering on Otonashi Kyouko, the caretaker of an old apartment building called “Ikkoku-kan”, and Godai Yuusaku, a student retrying the entrance exams for college.

Otonashi Kyouko from “Maison Ikkoku” was sculpted as a 1/7 scale figure in a shiromuku (a white kimono), which she wore in the final volume of the comics. Her hair is tied up in abun, and she wears a beautiful shiromuku with cranes embroider, reminiscent of the famous scene.

The figure comes with additional parts, including a face with her hair down in a familiar style and a cotton hood that can be attached over her tied-up hair, letting you enjoy her in different looks.

“Otonashi Kyouko -Shiromuku- 1/7 Scale Figure” is priced at 23,540 JPY (tax included). Pre-orders are available until September 9, 2021, and shipping is scheduled for February 2022.

(C) Takahashi Rumiko / Shogakukan