From the TV anime “SSSS.DYNAZENON”, “Gridknight” and “Goldburn” will be released as finished toys. The pre-sale lottery is currently available at “Good Smile Online Shop”.

The hero “Gridknight”, who has been in danger of Dynazenon, becomes three-dimensional with a pre-painted finished toy in the size of the “THE Combined Ryujin DX Dynazenon”. Each joint of the Gridknight with a total height of about 14 cm is movable.
It is possible to equip it with the dynamic cannon, which is a deformed version of the Dynasoldier included in “THE Combined Ryujin DX Dynazenon”.

In addition, the monster “Goldburn”, who gives new powers to Dynazenon and Gridknight, also became the fastest three-dimensional painted toy. Goldburn can be transformed into a shield form.

Girdknight and Goldburn will combine together with “THE Combined Dragon DX Dynazenon”, the product sold separately. The “Super Combined Dragon King Kaiser Gridknight”, which combines heroes, robots, and monsters, is now complete.

“THE Combined Gridknght & Goldburn” are currently on sale on “Good Smile Online Shop” by lottery, and are scheduled to be shipped on July. To apply, you will need the serial code printed on the back cover of the instruction manual, which is included in “THE Combined Ryujin DX Dynazenon”.

The price is 8,800 JPYn (tax included). Regular orders start from June 11.

(C) Tsuburaya Productions (C) 2021 TRIGGER / Akira Amemiya / “DYNAZENON” Production Committee