‘Disney: Twisted-Wonderland’ releases a 1/8 scale figure of Azul Ashengrotto, the head of the Octavinelle Dormitory. Pre-orders are currently available on ANIPLEX+.

‘Azul Ashengrotto 1/8 Scale Figure’ is a diorama-like figure that embodies the world of the Octavinelle Dormitory. The figure accurately recreates Toboso Yana’s original illustration that is newly drawn for it.

The figure is painted with beautiful colors and elaborately expresses the character’s charms, such as the clear skin and the chic outfit.

The figure, made with attention to detail, depicts the golden contract, the hat and the head’s walking stick which are Azul’s signature items, and the double monk strap shoes. Small features such as his coat flaring out, the scarf with the emblem of the Octavinelle Dormitory, and the water splash swirling around him, also allow fans to enjoy the figure from every angle.

There will be special gifts to the purchasers that are made based on ‘Toboso Yana Special Illustration’. Pre-orders come with a button badge, and all orders come with a postcard.

‘Azul Ashengrotto 1/8 Scale Figure’ is priced at 16,500 JPY (incl. tax). Pre-orders are available on ANIPLEX+, from May 29th to August 29th, 2021. The shipping is planned for March 2022.