From the women’s game app “Stand My Heroes”, an OVA will be produced featuring the Seo Lab, which was not depicted in the TV animation that was on air in October 2019.

“Stand My Heroes” is a “scenario x puzzle game app” for women that was released in September 2016.
“Stand” is an independent investigative agency that specializes in unsolved drug-related cases and is made up of people who are qualified regardless of whether they are in the public or private sector. The members of Stand are selected as candidates for the organization and are confronted with conflicts between organizations with different justice systems and unsolved cases related to a mysterious drug.

The OVA will be based on the map story of the “Seo Narumi Implementation Event” held in the game in April 2018. The heroes of the “Seo Lab”, who study the fragile and delicate human heart, will be brought to life in the anime.

Along with the announcement of the OVA production, a special report movie was released. The movie shows the story of Seo Narumi (CV: Koyasu Takehito), a hero with a special memory disorder.

The TV anime “Stand My Heroes: PIECE OF TRUTH” that aired in October 2019 is now available on d-anime store, U-NEXT, etc. How about looking back at the TV anime while waiting for more information about the OVA production?