From “Angel Beats!”, the latest goods of Tachibana Kanade, known as “Tenshi-chan”, is now available. Pre-orders are currently available at “Chara Depa”.

The items revealed this time are: “Big Acrylic Stand”, “Ring Acrylic Keychain”, “Mini Acrylic Art”, “Microfiber Towel”, “Mug” “B2-sized Tapestry”, and “Autograph”.

All outfits of Tenshi-chan are based on a magical girl, a bunny girl, and are based on the historical heroine outfits from “Kanon”, “AIR”, “CLANNAD”, and “Little Busters”, which the original author Maeda Jun had designed.

Pre-orders for the goods are available at “Chara Depa” until May 2, 2021. Prices and other detailed information are on the official website.