From “Redo of Healer” comes a figure of Freia, Keyaruga’s servant, in sexy lingerie. Pre-orders are currently available on “Dengekiya”, “Kadokawa Store”, and other stores.

This product is a 1/7 scale figure of the Magic Hero “Freia” in the design from the original work.
Based on the illustration by “Siokonbu”, the illustrator of the original work, the figure was created under the illustrator’s supervision.

The figure comes with a dirty expression to replace her regular expression. It also has a “secret” gimmick that will let you enjoy Freia’s charm to the full extent.

There will also be a limited version that comes with a bonus “Special B2-size Cloth Poster Set of two”, so be sure to check it out, too.

“‘Redo of Healer’ Freia Original Work ver. 1/7 Scale Figure” is priced at 20,680 JPY (tax included). Pre-orders are currently available at “Dengekiya” and other stores, and shipping is scheduled for October 2021.

(C) Rui Tsukiyo, Siokonbu / Kadokawa