From “Oreimo”, watches, bags, and wallets featuring Kirino and Kuroneko have been released. Pre-orders are available at ‘SuperGroupies’.

These products have been produced in collaboration with “Oreimo”, which marked the 10th year of the anime broadcast in 2020.
The lineup has a total of 6 varieties, which are watches, bags, and wallets featuring Kirino and Kuroneko.
Kirino and Kuroneko’s own styles are well-recreated in the products. They are available only for built-to-order, so please do not miss the chance.

‘Kosaka Kirino Model Watch’ is perfect for any occasion, and it recreates the style of Kirino, who handles study and modeling jobs with flexibility.
On the watch face, a silhouette of star and green octopus inspired by Meruru is etched.

The index of 1 and 2 o’clock represents a hairpin, and the triangle index of 3 and 9 o’clock represents double teeth.
On the back cover, the letters of ‘人生相談 (lit. life counseling)’, which brings a change of relationship with her brother, and “Comet-kun” are designed.

‘Kuroneko Model Shoulder Bag’ is a black shoulder bag inspired by a Kuroneko’s purse.

On the front surface, the purse’s same motif is recreated with a plate. The edge of the flap has the color of rose on the costume of ‘Queen of Nightmare’, and a rose embossed appeared when it is opened.
The inside has a Gothic-styled cat’s tail, cat’s ear, rose, and mask of ‘Maschera’.

‘”Oreimo” Collaboration Watch, Bag, Wallet (6 Varieties)’ includes ‘Watch’ 18,800 JPY (tax excluded), ‘Kosaka Kirino Model Backpack’ 14,800 JPY (tax excluded), ‘Kuroneko Model Shoulder Bag’ 13,800 JPY (tax excluded), and ‘Wallet’ 10,800 JPY (tax excluded).
Pre-orders are available on ‘SuperGroupies’ from March 8 to March 29. Delivery of ‘Watch’ is scheduled for the end of August 2021, and that of ‘Bag’ and ‘Wallet’ is scheduled for the mid of July 2021.

(C)Fushimi Tsukasa / ASCII Media Works / OIP2