The culture of celebrating the anime characters’ birthdays became familiar in recent years as a way to express love toward them. We believe many of you have seen the picture of a birthday cake being surrounded by character’s goods or the users posting celebration illustrations.

Here at Anime!Anime!, we conducted a reader’s survey titled, “Which character’s birthday in February, have you celebrated before?”. The survey was conducted from Mar. 1 to Mar. 3, and a total of 105 people answered.
The female readers made up the majority with 75%, while the male readers made up approximately 25% of overall votes. At the same time, the young readers made up the majority in age level, with minors made up approximately 60%, and 20’s made up approximately 25%.

Tomioka Giyuu from “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” is topping the list! Kochou Shinobu from the same anime also ranked in

1st Place
1st place was Tomioka Giyuu from “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba”. The support rating was approximately 10%.

Tomioka Giyuu was born in Feb. 8. He is Water Hashira in the Demon Slayer Corps. He is one of the most important people who affected the protagonist Kamado Tanjirou and is the popular character since the broadcast of episode 1.

Kochou Shinobu also ranked in 6th place. Her birthday is Feb. 24. The characters from the upcoming second season ranked high for this survey.

2nd Place
The 2nd place went to Koube Daisuke from “Fugo Detective Balance: UNLIMITED” and Nikaidou Yamato from “Idolish Seven”.

Koube Daisuke was born in Feb. 2. He solves the cases with an unlimited amount of resources, coming from his rich family. There should be many fans who were surprised by his reckless use of money. He is one of the characters from hot anime in 2020.

Nikaidou Yamato was born in Feb.14. He is the oldest member of the idol unit called IDOLiSH7 with the current age of 22. He has a caring personality, although he usually acts as he does not care much about others. The names of the characters in IDOLiSH7 come from kanji numbers based on when they were born.

The characters with birthdays on Feb. 14 stood out in this survey. Amemura Ramuda from “Hypnosis Mic”, Lize from “Is Order A Rabbit?”, ad Shimotsuki Mika from “PSYCHO-PASS” in the ranking were also born in Feb. 14. Valentines Day, which is Feb. 14, could be the reason why the fans remember the birthday of the characters easily.
The top 3 anime were all from 2020. The birthday ranking for March will be released in the next month.

■Overall Ranking
[“Which character’s birthday in February, have you celebrated ?”]
1st: Tomioka Giyuu from “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” (Feb. 8)
2nd: Koube Daisuke from “Fugo Detective Balance: UNLIMITED” (Feb. 2)
2nd: Nikaidou Yamato from “IDOLiSH7” (Feb. 14)
4th: Amemura Ramuda from “Hypnosis Mic-Division RapBattle- Rhyme Anima” (Feb. 14)
5th: Matsuura Kanan from “Love Live! Sunshine!!” (Feb. 10)
6th: Kochou Shinobu from “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” (Feb. 24)
7th: Yagami Light from “DEATH NOTE” (Feb. 28)
8th: Yamazaki Sagaru from “Gintama” (Feb. 9)
8th: Amadori Chika from “World Trigger”(Feb. 11)
8th: Rize (Tedeza Rize) from “Is the Order a Rabbit?” (Feb. 14)
8th: Shimotsuki Mika from “PSYCHO-PASS” (Feb. 14)
8th: Shinmon Benimaru from “Fire Force” (Feb. 20)
8th: Hibiki Wataru from “Ensemble Stars!” (Feb. 21)
8th: Masunaga Wakana from “B-PROJECT” (Feb. 23)
8th: Kunugi Akiomi from “Ensemble Stars!” (Feb. 25)
8th: Satou Mahuyu from “GIVEN” (Feb. 28)

(Survey conducted: Mar. 1, 2021 to Mar. 3, 2021)