February 26th is “Escaperance Day”.
This is the day Napoleon Bonaparte, who had been deposed as emperor and exiled to the Italian island of Elba, escaped in order to return to Paris.

In recent years, the experiential game event “Real Escape Game” has been gaining popularity. They often collaborate with anime, and it was recently announced that “Escape from an Abandoned School haunted by a Spirit”, a collaboration with “Jujutsu Kaisen”, will be held online.

The appeal of escape game collaborations is that you can solve a variety of puzzles while enjoying the world of the game and its characters. I’m sure there are many readers of Anime! Anime! who would like to see collaborations with their favorite works.

So this time, we conducted a questionnaire titled “Which works would you like to see as the subject of an escape game? During the survey period from February 10 to February 17, we received responses from 83 people.
The ratio of male to female respondents was about 35% male and 65% female, with more females. The age group was mainly young, with about 60% of respondents aged 19 or younger and about 20% in their 20s.

■A wide variety of games appeared! Some of the titles have already been made into escape games. In this survey, the titles broadcasted, or released between 2020 and 2021 received the most votes.

First of all, “Gintama”, which is currently being released in theaters, had many fans who wanted to enjoy solving puzzles with Gin-san and his comical friends, saying, “I think it’s fun with comedic elements.”

For “Disney’s Twisted Wonderland,” many fans said, “It would be fun to play an escape game with the characters from each dormitory!

Titles with a large number of characters are popular, with “Hypnosis Mike -Division Rap Battle-” getting a lot of comments such as “Each character has a strong personality, and it would be interesting to see how they use rap music in the escape game. For “Idolish Seven”, the comments were “It would be interesting if the concept is to try to escape with idols as a project of the show”, and for “A3!”, “There was an escape game event in the game, and more than anything, I want to try and escape with the encouragement of the unique characters!”

Titles with elements of mystery, suspense and horror also stood out.

For example, “School-Live!” because “the horror world view and escapism seem to go well together,” “Joker Game” because “it’s a full-fledged spy mystery, and I think it’s so perfect that it’s strange that there hasn’t been a collaboration until now! And for “STEINS;GATE,” “There are a lot of brainy characters, and the science fiction and suspense elements will make the game more exciting.

There were also votes for titles that have already had a collaboration done with an Escape Game.
For “Attack on Titan”, “I’d like to enjoy the story of running away from the Titans”, and for “Detective Conan”, “It would be fun to play an escape game with Conan while solving the mystery of the case”.

For “The Promised Neverland,” “I think it would be fun to play an escape game with Conan while solving puzzles. There were also comments on “One Piece”, such as “I think it’s a good match for an escape game because it’s an epic adventure” and “I enjoyed it when I participated in it before, so I want to play it again”.

All the titles that were voted on are also now available.

Titles with multiple votes
What work would you like to see as the subject of an escape game?
“Attack on Titan”
“Detective Conan”
“Disney’s Twisted Wonderland”.
“Is the order a rabbit?”
“The new Kindaichi files”

(Response period: February 10, 2021 – February 17, 2021)