A special video of “Healin’ Good Pretty Cure: GoGo! Big Transformation! The Town of Dreams” was released on February 21, the day of the final episode of the TV “Healin’ Good Pretty Cure”.
The true strength within the gentle heart of Nodoka (Cure Grace) and the bond with Rabirin and the Healing Animals… The video is full of the attraction of “Healin’ Good Pretty Cure”, depicted in the TV series and continuing in the film.

The special video begins with the line that Nodoka has often said in the TV series, “Fuwaa, Ikiterutte Kanji!” (Phew, I feel alive!).
It looks back on the Pretty Cures meeting the Healing Animals and overcoming the many difficulties in the past year.

And in the latter half, you can hear the ending theme song “Yakusoku” (Promise) sung by Machico in the background. Let’s listen carefully to the lyrics that speak for the bond between the Pretty Cures and the Healing Animals and the true strength within the gentle heart of Nodoka (Cure Grace).

A special campaign thanking the fans was held on the official Twitter account of the movie on February 21. And from 1:00 p.m. on the same day, the streaming of “Healin’ Good Pretty Cure Thank-You Festival Online”, a big event filled with gratitude from “Healin’ Good PreCure”, was also held.

(C) 2020 Movie Healin’ Good PreCure Production Committee