From “The Irregular at Magic High School Visitor Arc”, the goods featuring Shiba Tatsuya, Shiba Miyuki, and Angelina have been released. The lineup consists of B2 tapestry, sheets, and rubber mat. Pre-orders are currently available at ‘Charadepa’.

The lineup for ‘B2 Tapestry’ has ‘Shiba Miyuki / Wedding’, ‘Angelina / Wedding’, and ‘Shiba Tatsuya & Shiba Miyuki / Costume’. They are made of glossy, flexible, and dense polyester suede.
The wedding version of Angelina and Shiba Miyuki features an original design.

‘Sheets’ has a design of ‘Shiba Miyuki & Mitsui Honoka’. It is made of flexible and soft smooth fabric.

The lineup for ‘Rubber Mat’ has original ‘Miyuki & Angelina / Wedding’ and ‘Miyuki & Angelina / Costume’.
It is designed for a card game, and the front surface is made of polyester, and the back surface is made of rubber. It is also suitable for a desk mat.

‘B2 Tapestry (3 varieties)’ is priced at 3,000 JPY each (tax excluded). ‘Sheets’ is priced at 8,000 JPY (tax excluded). ‘Rubber Mat (2 varieties)’ is priced at 3,000 JPY each (tax excluded).

Pre-orders for these products are currently available at ‘Charadepa’ (until February 25, 2021). The release date will be in late April 2021.

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