A new film adaptation of the TV anime “Wataten!: An Angel Flew Down to Me” has been announced along with the release of a special promo video.

“Wataten!: An Angel Flew Down to Me” is based on the manga by Mukunoki Nanatsu serialized in “Comic Yurihime”. The first season of the TV series was broadcast in 2019.
The nerdy and shy undergrad, Miyako (voice: Ueda Reina), meets a little girl named Hana-chan, who’s cute as an angel. At first glance of the girl her sister Hinata brought home, Miyako was smitten by Hana-chan and does whatever it takes to become friends with her, but…

The special promotional video is filled with memories of Miyako, Hana, and everyone, letting you know that the “Wataten” universe has returned.
Let’s look forward to further information being announced.

(C) Mukunoki Nanatsu, Ichijinsha / Wataten Production Committee