From “Fate/Grand Order” OVA, “Fate/Grand Carnival”, a new key visual featuring Artoria and Nero was released. Also, information about the bonuses for purchasing the Bluray & DVD was announced in advance of the release of the 1st Season on June 2 and the 2nd Season on August 25.

The new key visual was first revealed in the streaming program “Fate/Grand Order Winter Caravan Online 2021 Vol.2”, which was broadcast on ABEMA, niconico Live, YouTube Live, and Twitter Periscope on February 6. It has two new characters featured: Artoria Pendragon (voice: Kawasumi Ayako) and Nero Claudius (voice: Kawasumi Ayako) who had a strong presence in “Daiichi Tokuien Eirei Genkai Taisai Olympia”(1st Unique Feast Heroic Spirit Extreme Festival Olympia), which was broadcast during the end of year special in 2020, “Fate Project Oomisoka TV Special 2020”.
By the way, this visual will keep on evolving with new characters added to it. Let’s look forward to seeing what “feast” this visual will end up becoming.

In addition, new information about the bonuses for purchasing the Bluray & DVD which will be released on June 2 for the 1st Season and on August 25 for the 2nd Season has been announced.
First, the bonus for those who buy both Season 1 and Season 2 for all stores is an “Original Illustration Cushion Cover” designed with an original illustration by Takenashi Eri, the character designer of the anime. There is also a bonus “Orignal Illustration B2-size Tapestry” (5 designs in total) for those who buy both seasons at certain stores. And the characters featured in them were announced. Details are available on the official website.

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