From “To LOVE Ru Darkness”, Lara Satalin Deviluke’s swimsuit figure is going on resale. Reservations are currently being accepted at the Amiami online store.

“To LOVE Ru Darkness” Lara Satalin Deviluke – Swimsuit Ver. – 1/6th Scale Completed Figure (Resale)” is an item that features the first princess of the planet Deviluke, and the main heroine, Lara, in an exciting swimsuit.
I hope you enjoy the fascinating body style that has been reproduced with delicate modeling, at hand.

“To LOVE Ru Darkness Lara Satalin Deviluke -Swimsuit Ver.- 1/6th Scale Finished Figure (Resale)” is priced at 13,120 JPY (including tax). Pre-orders are now being accepted at the Amiami online store, and the product is scheduled to be released in June 2022.

(C) Kentaro Yabuki, Saki Hasemi / Shueisha, Toraburu Darkness Production Committee