From “BanG Dream!”, the main visual of the movie version “BanG Dream! Episode of Roselia I : Promise” (released on Roadshow from April 23, 2021) has been released. In addition, information about advance tickets with special offers and the special ending of the re-broadcasting anime were also announced.

The first season of the TV anime series “BanG Dream!” and OVA were broadcasted in 2017, the second season in 2019, and the third season in 2020.
The new movie version will be produced in 3D animation by animation studio Sanzigen, following the “3rd Season”.
The main visual released this time depicts the members of Roselia. The shot of all the members performing from behind the drummer, Akiko Udagawa, is not only cool, but conveys their enthusiasm.

In addition to the “advance tickets for theaters” and “advance tickets with present goods” that are available at screening theaters nationwide, two new types of advance tickets will be available.
The second “theater advance ticket” is a Movie ticket card with an A5 clear file. The third “advance ticket with present goods”, an advance ticket with an acrylic board, is now available for reservations.

As well as that, the ending of the anime “BanG Dream! 2nd Season,” which is currently being rebroadcast on YouTube and terrestrial broadcasting, will be aired as a special version of the movie version of “BanG Dream! Episode of Roselia I: Promise.”
The special ending will be available from episode 7 “Nakana Ina Kanai” on February 18, so fans should definitely check it out as well.

Episode of Roselia I: The Promise” will be released in theaters nationwide on April 23, 2021.

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