January 12 is the “Memorial Day for Skiing”.

The name comes from the fact that on the same day in 1911, an Austrian army major gave the first skiing instruction in Japan to the soldiers of the Imperial Japanese Army.

Many readers may say that they enjoy skiing during the snow season. For anime as well, snow is one of the elements that is depicted impressively. Even the names of characters often use the character for “snow” or the reading of the word “yuki”.

So, Anime! Anime! conducted a questionnaire titled “Which characters have “Yuki” in their names? During the survey period from December 18 to December 25, we received 181 responses.
The ratio of males to females was about 30% and 70%, with more females. About 55% of the respondents were 19 years old or younger, and about 25% were in their 20s, mainly young people.

■Yukinoshita Yukino from “My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected” was on top, with several cool characters also ranked in!
1st place
Yukinoshita Yukino from “My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected” came in 1st place. Her approval rating was about 9%.

Yukinoshita Yukino, the heroine of this work, has a cool tongue that is typical for a character with “Yuki” in her name. One commenter said, “I like the way she curses Hikigaya Hachiman, the main character,” while another said, “I like the cute side Yukino sometimes shows when she is as calm as snow.” “It’s a perfect name for a girl as beautiful as snow,” said another commenter who thought it matched her character.
She is also the only character to use the word “Yuki” twice in her name, which is why she received so many votes.

2nd place
In 2nd place were Kousaka Yukiho of “Love Live! and “Idolish Seven’s Yuki” tied in the vote. The support rate was about 6%.
Kousaka Yukiho is the younger sister of Kousaka Honokaa from μ's. She has a strong personality unlike her older sister. She is a strong person unlike her sister, and although she doesn’t appear that often, many fans seem to be impressed by her.

Yuki is a member of Re:vale. At first glance, he seems cool, but he has a kind personality and loves his juniors. Some readers said that his birthday is on December 24, and his motif is often represented by snow.

■Here are some of the other comments!

“The first name that came to mind when I thought of “yuki” was Yukine from “Stray God”. The fact that Yato found her on a snowy day and the fluffy feeling she had before she became human really fit Yukine.”
As for Yukimura Chizurura from “Hakuouki”, they said, “The surname Yukimura has a distinctive and beautiful image. Chizuru is also a beautiful woman who looks good in a snowy landscape.”

For Honoka Yukijo from “Futari wa Pretty Cure,” they said, “After her transformation, Cure White is as white as snow, and her name fits perfectly.”
Oyuki from “Urusei Yatsura” was voted for because “not only her name, but also her black-heartedness hidden in her calmness and her pure white kimono give her the impression of a snow woman.

In this survey, the image of “snow” gave a cool impression to the characters. Characters with special abilities that use snow and ice also ranked high.

Ranking Top 20
What characters have “Yuki” in their names?
No.1 Yukinoshita Yukino “My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected”
No.2 Kousaka Yukiho “Love Live!
No.2 Yuki “Idolish Seven”
No.4 Yukine “Stray God”
No.5 Shiba Miyukiki “The Honor Student at Magic High School”
No.6 Okumura Yukio “Blue Exorcist”
No.7 Tsukishiro Yukitoi “CardCaptors Sakura”
No.7 Nagato Yuki “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya”
No.7 Hatori Yoshiyuki “The World’s First Love”
No.7 Fubuki Shiro “Inazuma Eleven”
No.7 Yukishiro Azuma “A3!”
No.12 Himeragi Yukina “Strike the Blood”
No.12 Yukijo Honoka “Futari wa Pretty Cure”
No.14 Kuroda Yukinari “Yowamushi Pedal”
No.15 Oyuki “Urusei Yatsura”
No.15 Yukime “Hell Teacher Nube”
No.17 Souma Yuki “Fruits Basket”
No.17 Kou Yukina “Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi”
No.19 Yukina “YuYu Hakusho”
No.20 Takeya Yuki “School Live!”
No.20 Miyuki Nanase “The new Kindaichi files”
No.20 Hanzoumon Yuki “RELEASE THE SPYCE”
No.20 Yuki “Nintama Rantarou”
No.20 Yukine Chris “Senki Zesshou Symphogear”
No.20 Yukimura Chizuru “Hakuouki”

(Response period: December 18, 2020 to December 25, 2020)