Currently being screened , the movie “Violet Evergarden The Movie” has reached 1.9 billion yens in box-office earnings on Nov. 29, having sold a total of 1.36 tickets, and ranked 7th place during the weekend. To celebrate the movie’s long run, commemorative gifts will be hand out on theaters from Dec. 3.

“Violet Evergarden” is a TV anime produced by Kyoto Anime and broadcasted in 2018. The anime is known for its intricate and heartfelt character plots and an exuberant world setting.
The spin-off film “Violet Evergarden: Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll ” premiered in Sep. 2019, and was screened for a 3 week period. The movie that concludes the animated series “Violet Evergarden The Movie” opened in theaters on Sep. 18, 2020.

To celebrate the franchise’s long run, for the 5th time a bonus item will be distributed at the movie screenings. Handout of the limited item”Postcard from Ecarte Island” will end as soon as it runs out.

“Violet Evergarden The Movie” is currently on theaters throughout Japan.

(C)Akatsuki Kana – Kyoto Animation / Violet Evergarden Production Committee