From “Overlord”, 1/7 scale figures of “Albedo” and “Shalltear” in swimsuits will be released. Pre-orders start on November 11.

These products are figures of the “Merciful Pure White Devil” Albedo covered with water effects, and the “Bloody Valkyrie” Shalltear in as swimsuit.

“Albedo” is a beautiful, sexy, and impressively voluminous figure. Don’t forget to check out the fine details of her hair, wings, etc.

“Shalltear” has a sweet expression on her face, which is quite rare. The way she sits on the rose-shaped effect is truly beautiful, so be sure to get it to enjoy it at hand.

“Albedo Swimsuit ver.” is priced at 46,750 JPY (tax included), and “Shalltear Swimsuit ver.” is priced at 33,550 JPY (tax included). Both products will be available for pre-order from November 11, 2020. Detailed information about pre-ordering methods will be later announced on the official social media account.

(C) Maruyama Kugane, Kadokawa / Overlord 3 Production Committee