From “Dragon Ball” comes a set of Frieza (1st Form) and Frieza Pod, both sculpted into action figures under the supervision of the original author, Toriyama Akira, will be available for sale in stores from April 2021.

“S.H.Figuarts Frieza 1st Form & Frieza Pod” is supervised by Toriyama Akira, who precisely sculpted the body and the inside of the Frieza Pod.

It comes with four replaceable facial expressions, as well as an effect part to recreate the SuperNova, and her scouter can be recreated in two different states – one with it attached and one without it.
In addition, the inside of the Frieza Pod has been sculpted in detail based on Toriyama-san’s supervised illustrations, and it is the first time it has been made into a figure. The upper half of the body is detachable to recreate the size and balance of the figure in the movie.

S.H.Figuarts Frieza 1st Form & Frieza Pod will be sold in stores from April 2021 for 8,000 JPY (excluding tax).

(C) Bird Studio/Shueisha and Toei Animation