The TV anime “Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!” Season 2 has been set. A special illustration by the author, Take, and comments from Oozora Naomi (as Uzaki Hana) and other cast members have arrived along with the announcement.

“Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!” is originally a manga serialized in Dragon Comics Age by Take.
It is a slapstick rom-com of third year university student Sakurai Shinichi, who enjoys his quiet campus life, and Uzaki Hana, a cocky but likable “Uzakawa” (annoying/cute) kohai.

The special illustration by Take includes the words “Season 2 of the anime is set!” and illustrations of Uzaki Hana, Sakurai Shinichi, and Kuso Cat saying “Horray!”.

Oozora Naomi, who plays Uzaki Hana, wrote, “I’m glad to be able to give you this happy, joyful news.” Also, comments from Akabane Kenji, who plays Sakurai Shinichi, and Miura Kazuya, the director of this anime, have been received.

Details about “Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!” Season 2 will be announced when decided.

<Full comments are as below>

Comment from Oozora Naomi as Uzaki Hana

Season 2 of the anime is set! I’m glad to be able to give you this happy, joyful news.

Uzaki-chan and her senpai are getting closer and closer… She is a really fun character to play. Even after the recording, the original story keeps getting more and more exciting!
Not only Uzaki-chan’s mother, but the other unique Uzaki family members appear to make the story even more lively.

There are some lines of senpai that I would love to hear in the anime, and I’m already excited that my wishes might come true in Season 2.
I can still hang out with senpai in the anime, too! It makes me happy. The Uzakawa continues in Season 2! I hope you enjoy it!

Comment from Akabane Kenji as Sakurai Shinichi

“Season 2 is set”, what a wonderful phrase. I’m quite embarrassed that I was lost in words in the surprise video, but once again, I’m really happy.

I’d like to thank the author Take-sensei, director Miura, the staff members, cast members, everyone who was involved in Uzaki-chan, and all the fans who have supported “Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!”. I’ve been hoping for Season 2 since the recording of Season 1 had finished, so the announcement of Season 2 was the best news of this year.

Season 2 will undoubtedly feature the Uzaki family, and I’m personally looking forward to seeing what happens with Ami-san and how this and that from the original work will be adapted into the anime.
I’ll enjoy hanging out with Uzaki in Season 2, even though she’s annoying, haha.
Please look forward to Season 2 as well as the currently serialized original work!
Thank you for your support.

Comment from Director Miura Kazuya

Congratulations and thank you for Season 2!
It seems like Uzaki-chan wants to hang out more.
This is all thanks to the original work being so interesting, the hard work of the staff, everyone who supported and enjoyed the show, and Kuso Cat, who stands by and does nothing. Now, let’s see what we can do next for fun!

(C) 2020 Take / Kadokawa / Uzaki-chan Production Committee

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