The plastic models of “Black Metal Jacket Ryuujinmaru” and “Metal Jacket Toraoh” from the OVA “Mashin Hero Wataru: The Mashin Mountains” are here. Pre-orders are currently available at “Good Smile” Online Shop.

The product “Black Metal Jacket Ryuujinmaru” is the first in the “Metal Jacket” series. The mold's color was inspired by the plastic model in the past and it was changed based on “Metal Jacket Ryuujinmaru”.
Black Metal Jacket has recreated the black-coated parts, and Ryuujinmaru's eyes, the dragon tattoo on the shoulder, and the forehead are all fully painted.

The second in the series “Metal Jacket Toraoh” has a new appearance as new parts were used on the thighs with a new mold's color.
An extravagant volume of new parts, such as the dragon's head armor on the wings, the shoulder armors, the heavy armor on both legs, the Chikire Tsuma (Ground Cleaving Claw) and Koutei Toraken (Emperor Tiger Sword), were created for “Metal Jacket Toraoh” and it possible to transform it into “Fierce Tiger Form” by changed a portion of the parts.

“PLAMAX MS-09 Black Metal Jacket Ryuujinmaru” is priced at 5,000 JPY (tax excluded) while “PLAMAX MS-08 Metal Jacket Toraoh” is priced at 4,200 JPY (tax excluded). The release scheduled is on Jan. 2021 and Feb. 2021 respectively. The pre-orders for both of the products are currently available at “Good Smile” Online Shop.