“#Endless_Eight” has ranked in the trend in Twitter on Aug. 17, 2020 because a famous episode from “Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi” called “Endless Eight” has begun from Aug. 17. Some fans remember the day back then when watching the broadcast, while younger fans are jealous of watching now.

“Endless Eight” is the episode based on the short story in the 5th volume of the original novel titled “Maverick of Suzumiya Haruhi” and also the episode of TV anime “Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi” 2nd season broadcast 2009.
The episode depicts the protagonist Suzumiya Haruhi (CV: Hirano Aya), who repeats her summer vacation, wishing it not to end, and slight changes were made in every episode lasted in consecutive 8 weeks (8 episodes). This became a hot topic at the time of the broadcast.

There were multiple posts on Twitter on Aug. 17, the day of “Endless Eight” broadcast 11 years ago: “Endless Eight…my head hurts…(real-time viewer)”, “Oh, today is the day of Endless Eight. I was excited to watch the next episode up to 3rd time, but I did not foresee that it had another 5 episodes”, “I thought it was the mistake made by Tokyo MX that they broadcast the same episode for 2nd week, and I could not find the slight change since it was very small. I underestimated the difficulty of the situation in the anime that the characters get out of the loop if they use the whole 3 weeks. I decided to stay quiet in the 5th week, and desired to get out of the loop for 6 to 8th week”.

“I think the design of the episode is wonderful. The episode is renewed every week to keep entertain the fans, and the characters are voiced differently each week (although it was tough to watch the similar episode for 8 consecutive weeks)”, “I like Endless Eight because I was excited to watch every week by saying, 'finally, finally, this week', but not many people relate to my experience”. There are voices from the fans at the time who were forced to watch the same episode 8 times.

While many fans being nostalgic of the “tough episodes”, there are comments from younger fans for having such a legendary experience; They said, “I am especially jealous for the fans at the time, who were able to experience Endless Eight”, “I think watching Endless Eight every week is a wonderful experience! I am jealous! I wish I could be born earlier!”, “I think the people who watched Endless Eight of Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi are like the experienced soldiers. If I watch that, I think it is the mistake of the TV station”, and “I am a little jealous of people who watched that back then since I am currently watching it now”.