From TV anime “Rozen Maiden”, a cast doll of “Shinku”, the fifth doll of visionary antique dolls “Rozen Maiden” made by a legendary doll maker Rozen, will be released by DOLK. The built to order for “'Rozen Maiden' Shinku Cast Doll” will start from 7 p.m. on Jul. 17.

“'Rozen Maiden' Shinku Cast Doll” is the first project under the Rozen Maiden doll adaptation and it make use of the latest molding to expresses the character's setting from the anime. A cast doll (ball-jointed doll) contains spherical parts in the joints, allowing the arm and leg to be bent just like a human to create various poses.
The resin casting(synthetic resin) molding create smooth texture. The colors and shapes of costumes, hair, and eyes can be customized.

“Shinku cast doll” captures Shinku's features accurately and finely express them, which makes it look more attractive. Deep, blue eyes are rare resin eyes made one by one by hand. The rarity created by handmade method and the developed technology guarantees its high quality, and the rainbow's blue iris features its depth.

The blonde, curly and long twin tail is made with a particular technology, and the red costume is made with the highest quality materials. The costume is composed of a bonnet, one-piece dress, cape, bloomer, panier, and socks.
A costume especially made with velor fabric has soft texture. You can put on gorgeous strap shoes and enjoy total coordination. It is priced at 114,800 JPY (tax excluded). It will be shipped from May 2021.

Furthermore, “'Rozen Maiden' Bags for Dolls” have been produced as well, which is sold separately. It is a trunk case created accurately based on the anime to enjoy the view of the “Rozen Maiden” world and a life with dolls, and suitable for carrying 40cm doll or small accessories for cosplay. It is priced at 29,500 JPY (tax excluded).

From this project to pursue the realization of “Rozen Maiden”, Suiginto, the first doll of “Rozen Maiden” among the seven sisters, will be released as a castdoll in 2021. It also will be an item, which fans are longing for.

(C)PEACH-PIT・Shueisha/Rozen Maiden Production Comittee