The anime “Vic the Viking”, which is based on children’s literature and the motif for Oda Eiichiro’s “ONE PIECE”, will make an appearance on the big screen. It will be released nationwide from October 2, 2020. Itou Sairi will be doing the voice of the main character, Vic.

“Vic the Viking” is based on the children’s literature series, the “Little Viking” by Swedish author Runer Jonsson. In Japan, a TV animation co-produced with the help of Germany and was broadcast from 1972 to 1974. It had a maximum audience rating of 20.5%.

The story this time is a completely new original story that reveals the secret of a magic sword that turns anything it touches into gold. In order to save Vic’s beloved mother Ylba, her companion, her father and pirate Harvar, and her go on a big adventure.

As part of the main staff, Eric Kaz, who participated in the TV series “Vic The Viking” which became popular in 2013 and was a remake of the European series “Small Viking Vicke”, and Timo Bernhard who works include “SING”, “Pet”and “Despicable Me 3”, have been named as the director/scriptwriter and animation director respectively.

Itou Sairi will play the voice of the main character, Vic, in this movie. She is very enthused to be chosen for the role of Vic’s voice.

“Vic the Viking” will be released at Aeon Cinemas and other locations nationwide from Oct. 2, 2020 .

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[Comment from Itou Sairi, playing the part of Vic]
It was decided that I would play the role of the voice of Vic this time, and I’m full of both tension and excitement at the same time. It is such a memorable work where people around me, such as my mother and others of that generation who saw it when they were young, can feel the excitement of those days again! I will also do my best to create a wide range of fun for the children of the current generation as well as people of my generation! Please look forward to what adventures the wise and courageous Vic will have to overcome as various crises and adventures unfold!

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