The sale of “'Barefoot Gen' to the world! Goods” based on the title “Barefoot Gen” has started.

“'Barefoot Gen to the world! Goods” is a project that aims to plead the world about feelings including the tragedy of war, the importance of peace, and recovery of hometown through the manga, “Barefoot Gen” written by Nakazawa Keiji.
The line-up of the items consists of 3 types, T-shirts, marche bags, and tote bags.

The profit earned by this sale will be used for publishing the Vol.7 and onwards of the “Arabic Edition Barefoot Gen”, which is already published up to Vol.6.

“'Barefoot Gen to the world! Goods” T-shirt is priced at 3,000 JPY (Tax incl.), canvas tote bag at 2,000 (Tax incl.), and thick cotton marche bag at 2,000 JPY (Tax incl.). All these items are available at the “Space Age DESIGN SHOP”.