A key character in “Fate/Grand Order” event Pseudo-Singularity IV “Heretical Salem” and the first Foreigner class servant “Abigail Williams” is turning 3-dimensional. Pre-orders are being accepted through “Hobby Japan Online Shop” and other shops until May 28, 2020.

This figure of “Abigail Williams” is 22.5 cm tall. The figure faithfully reproduces her First Ascension costume, complete with cute ribbons on the beautiful golden hair envied by her close friends, as well as her hands completely hidden in her sleeves and a peek of bloomers sticking out underneath her skirt.

“Yugo”, the teddy bear she holds in her right hand which is similar to Lavinia's teddy bear, combined with Abby's impressively adorable smile complete the image. In addition, by using the attached interchangeable expression and left-hand parts, she can also be posed to hold hands with the separately sold “Lavinia Whateley”.

“Fate/Grand Order Foreigner / Abigail Williams” costs 15,800JPY (tax included / shipping and handling costs excluded). Pre-orders are accepted through “Hobby Japan Online Shop” and others until May 28, 2020. (C)TYPE-MOON / FGO PROJECT