The heroine of the smartphone game “Fate/Grand Order (FGO)”, Mash Kyrielight will get a figure in the “Everlasting Summer Swimsuit” appearance. Pre-order has started and the release date is planned to be on Jun.. 2020.

This is the first series of the fully painted figure series, “Fate/Grand Order”'s Summer Queens and it will be Mash in the “Everlasting Summer Swimsuit” that can be obtained via Costume Change.

The head part is movable to a certain extent as it is connected via a ball join where you can create some nonchalant gesture. Other than that, you can enjoy some variations as it comes with two different hair bang parts, and you can also put on or take out the glasses as well.

“Mash Kyrielight 【Summer Queens】” is priced at 10,340 JPY (tax included). Pre-order can be made at Ami Ami Online Shop, etc. and the released date is planned to be on Jun. 2020.