From “Hetalia World Stars”, “Japan” who is serious and values harmony has become a Nendoroid. Pre-orders are available at Good Smile Online Shop until Mar. 4, 2020.

This is a new item from “Orange Rouge”, a figure and goods brand dedicated to male characters, created by the Good Smile Company and Max Factory. This time, “Japan” who is serious and values harmony, has become a Nendoroid with a total height of about 100mm.

Replaceable face parts, including a polite “normal face”, a “smile” that you can see from time to time, and a “shy face” that strives to accept the culture of other countries, were prepared. His belongings include a “sword” and his pet dog “Pochi-kun”, and a “camera” to record the appearance will come as a set. A round pedestal with cherry blossoms is also included.

The price of “Nendoroid Japan” is 4,091 JPY (tax excluded). Pre-orders are available atGood Smile Online Shop until Mar. 4, 2020 and it will be on sale in July.

(C) Himaruya Hidekazu / Shueisha