2nd line-up of collaboration fragrances based on the images of “Kochou Shinobu”, “Tsuyuri Kanawo” and “Kibutsuji Muzan” from “Demon Slayer” will be up for sale. Products will be available in every “primaniacs” store from Mar. 27, 2020 onwards.

“Kochou Shinobu” has an image of the moonlight illuminating on a quiet and lonely night. A fragrance that conceals a incurable wound behind a soft smile just to stick to one's will.

“Tsuyuri Kanawo” has an image of pure sweetness embraced by a soft gentle fragrance. A fragrance with a sense of transparency and some innocence left within while being seen from the side.

“Kibutsuji Muzan” has an image with a decadent sign that is somehow fascinating yet praising a numbing dull glow while sinking into a moody night. A fragrance that deprives you of your body and soul, with its unparalleled strength and irresistible charm.

Each item will be available for purchase in every “primaniacs” store at a price of 5,417 yen (tax excluded) from Mar. 27, 2020 onwards.
In addition, a trial testing of fragrances will be held from Feb. 20 at “primaniacs” main store in Ginza.

(C) Koyoharu Gotouge/Shueisha・Aniplex・ufotable