A new figure set of the duo Emiya Shiro and Saber from “Fate/stay night” was created for the sake of “TYPE-MOON Exhibition: Fate/stay night -15 years of history-“. Supervised by Takeuchi Takashi, the figure is based on a famous scene from the anime.

The item titled “Fate/stay night 15th-anniversary figure -history-” was specially designed by sculptor artist Ishinaga Sakurako for the “TYPE-MOON Exhibition: Fate/stay night -15 years of history-“. The characters to be featured in the figure were carefully selected by Takeuchi himself. While the figure's prototyping was done by Ishinaga Sakurako, the coloring was handled by Hoshina Eimi and those highly talented artists that will certainly shine bright on the history of “Fate/stay night”.

The figure is based on Emiya Shiro and Saber's last fight scene on the anime, and also features Illyasviel's holy grail, the cogwheels from “Unlimited Blade Works” and the 6 relics & weapons from different servants.

A larger sized replica of the figure is display at the “TYPE-MOON Exhibition: Fate/stay night -15 years of history-“, portraying the immense sense of scale the “Fate” series has. The replica is 106 cm tall and can be seen from various different angles.

“Fate/stay night 15th-anniversary figure -history-” is priced at 49,500JPY (tax included). The product is open for pre-ordering at “ANIPLEX+” and will be manufactured in accordance with the number of orders. Shipment is scheduled for Dec. 2020.