From the TV Anime “Dragon Ball Super”, a famous scene recreated through a diorama figure known as “The long awaited DraCap RE BIRTH revival arc” which comes in four varieties has been announced. Sales begin from Dec. 21 – 31, 2019.

The figure on sale this time is the latest reproduction from the Dragon Ball series, specifically, the “DraCap” series . The four varieties of the figure are pulled from “Dragon Ball Super”'s “Future Trunks Arc” and “Space Survival Arc” respectively.

The first two scenes reproduce Jiren against Ultra Instinct Goku, standing in the way like an impassive great wall, and the well-known mentor Master Roshi, taking up both offense and defense roles. alongside the well-known mentor Master Roshi taking up offense and defense roles respectively have been recreated.

In addition, Frieza from “Dragon Ball Z”'s Namek Planet Arc has been added to the line up, where you can choose to either pose him as a friend or foe and recreate Frieza and Goku's team battles on your table.

“The long awaited DraCap RE BIRTH revival arc” is priced at 900 JPY (tax excluded) and goes on sale from Dec. 21 – 31, 2019.

(C) Bird Studio/Shueisha・Fuji Television・Toei Animation