The winners of the award of “Animation Achievement Division” at the international animation film festival, “Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2020 (TAAF2020)”, have been decided.
The screenwriter, Shudo Takeshi, who was in charge og the newly renamed with 3DCG this year, “Movie Pokemon Mewtwo Strikes Back”, and the voice actress of the character Meatel in “Galaxy Express 999”, Ikeda Masako, and others (8 people and one company) are to be awarded.

TAAF’s “Animation Achievement Division” recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the development of the animation industry and culture. In addition to honouring the many years of achievement in technology, expression and human resource development, it also targets individuals who have contributed widely to improving the social status of the animation industry through educational activities and international exchange.

The receivers of the 16th anniversary of “TAAF2020” since its foundation in 2005, include Shudo Takeshi and Ikeda Masako, as well as producers Sato Shoji and Nakajima Junzo, who continued to support the “World Masterpiece Theater” series. AnimatorNakamura Kazuko, Director of Photography for “My Neighbor Totoro”Shirai Hisao, Colour Designer for “The Wakakusa Monogatari” Koyama Akiko, Composer of “Gauche the Cellist” Mamiya Yoshio, totalling eight people and animation company Seiki Co., Ltd. were listed.

“TAAF2020” will be held from Mar. 13 to 16, 2020, in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. In the venue during the festival, there will be an exhibition and special program for the winners of the “Animation Service” award.