From "The Movie Fate/stay night Heaven's Feel" (The 3rd part will be released in Spring 2020), They will sale 2 types of touchscreen gloves designed command seals of Sabers's master Emiya Shirou and Archer's master Toosaka Rin. Pre-orders are now accepted at "Nijigen Cospa Online".

This product has Shirou's command seals designed on the left hand and Rin's command seals on the right hand according to the story. It has conductive material on the fingertips of the thumb, index finger and middle finger, and there are compatible for smartphone operation. So that you can enjoy playing game apps on your smartphone while wearing the gloves.

The price of 「★Limited★Emiya Shirou Command Seals Touchscreen Gloves」 and 「★Limited★Toosaka Rin Command Seals Touchscreen Gloves」 are 1,000JPY (tax excluded ) each. Production for 2019 is limited to 100 each. Pre-orders are now accepted at "Nijigen Cospa Online". They will be on sale at 「Cospa Official Shop」, 「GEE!STORE」 and other stores about late Dec. 2020.