The main trailer for the movie " How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World " (To be released on Dec. 20, 2019) is released. The trailer depicts a scene of Hiccup and Toothless bringing their friends on an epic journey to find a new home.

" How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World " is the latest installment of " How to Train Your Dragon " which was released in Aug. 2010 in Japan.
Hiccup, who had grown up to be the Viking leader succeedinghis late father, had decided to leave the island to search for a new land.They had arrived to " The Hidden World " which is a world where only dragons live…

The main trailer depicts Hiccup and Toothless leaving Berk island due to it becoming overpopulated since humans and dragons started to live together.

During their trip, they encounter the mysterious female dragon " Light Fury ". She seems to be cautious about humans and throws Hiccup into the air. Toothless is troubled by the choice between his precious partner Hiccup and Light Fury who he is attracted to. He rescues Hiccup with a complexed expression.
With the appearance of the new dragon " Light Fury ", will there be any development on the unchanging bond between Hiccup and Toothless, and the journey toward the sacred land? Do look forward for the movie.

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The producer Brad Lewis had commented about the movie saying " The journey for this story is both exciting and emotional. The core of this story is the " Sacred Land" of the dragons. I believe that the audiences are curious about the location of the sacred land and will let their imagination run wild. I believe both hardcore fans and first timers will enjoy this movie. ".
Director Dean DeBlois, who is in charge of the overall series, had commented confidently that " We will face any challenges head-on. That is because we had felt the passionate expectations from the fans. But we believe that thiswill be our masterpiece. ".

Movie " How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World " will be released nationwide on Dec. 20, 2019 in Toho Theater Hibiya and others.

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