A new Reimu character figure will be released with a design based on the catalog cover illustration for the 15th Hakurei Jinja Reitai festival by artist Asai Genji, who also worked on previous Touhou Project's official books. Pre-orders are now available at GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP and other websites.

Reimu's elegant silhouette is beautifully crafted in her shrine maiden attire. The various delicate tones of red were carefully painted onto the figure, which also highlights her unique shag hairstyle as well as the intricately detailed frills on her skirt.
The 1/7 scale figure "Hakurei Reimu, Asai Genji ver." is priced at 18,000JPY (taxes excluded). Pre-orders are now available at "GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP" and shipping is scheduled in Jul. 2020.

(C)Team Shanghai Alice Illustration: Asai Genji