A figure of "Kylo Ren" from the "Star Wars" series is being released! This high-end piece is a movable, 33cm height, 1/6 scale figurine with over 30 body pieces. Reservations are currently being accepted via "Hot Toys".

This product comes equipped with two new types of head molds. The first head uses the likeness of actor Adam Driver. Details such as skin wounds and hair have been reproduced carefully through coating by hand painting.
The second head is equipped with an LED light up function that slowly flashes red through the cracks in the helmet. Detailed scratches and weathering also appears on the helmet.

Moreover, the material and exquisite details of the outfit, beginning from the jet-black cape with magnetic-detachable hood, to items like the tunic, belt, and boots, have all been given extreme amounts of attention. Two versions of the cross-shape lightsaber are also included. The first form attaches completely to the forearm part and has a light up function equipped. The second form hangs down from the belt and can be held by the hand part. By using all of these forms, you can enjoy a variety of different situations.

The price of the "【Movie Masterpiece】Star Wars/The Rise of Skywalker』 Kylo Ren 1/6 Scale Figure " is 38,000 Yen (Tax Included). Reservations are currently being accepted via "Hot Toys Limited". The figure will go on sale in Sept. 2021.

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