The Plastic Model of Major Inge Lehman's SCOPDOG Commander Type from "Armored Trooper Votoms: Roots of Ambition" has been re-released. Pre-orders are now available at "Premium Bandai".

"[Armored Trooper Votoms] 1/20 Lehman's SCOPEDOG: Battle of Sansa" has new molds of a red Large Blade Antenna, which is a high-quality communications system equipped to Commander Types, unique to Lehman's SCOPEDOG and an Electromagnetic Pile Bunker.

The Blade Antenna can be folded so that the extension and contraction can be done without changing the parts.
Also, the Electromagnetic Pile Bunker on the right arm can be unfolded. The mounting mechanism on the right leg is also newly molded and the Pile can be detached from the arm and equipped on the leg.

Furthermore, the unique Multi Discharger of Lehman's SCOPEDOG, the Gatling Gun, and Mission Pack are also carefully designed.
Various situations are enjoyable with abundant weapons, such as the Heavy Machinegun, Gatling Gun, Multi Discharger and the Mission Pack that's the same shape as the Turbo Pack.

There will also be extra parts to adjust the arms and legs and a "Bolt-on Snap" mechanism is adopted to attach additional armor with bolt-shaped pins. To add to the fun, it even has Roller Dash.

"[Armored Trooper Votoms] 1/20 Lehman's SCOPEDOG: Battle of Sansa" is priced at 7,150JPY (tax included). Pre-orders are now available at "Premium Bandai" and shipping is scheduled in Dec. 2019.

[Armored Trooper Votoms] 1/20 Lehman's SCOPEDOG: Battle of Sansa
【Resale】【3rd shipment in Dec. 2020】

Price: 7,150JPY (tax included)
Points: 71P
Delivery Date: Shipping scheduled in Dec. 2019

1/20 Scale Plastic Model (Assembly Required)
For ages 15 and above
Main Materials are PS, PE, ABS, PUR
(There is no need for glue to assemble)

※The model in the images has been colored and is a prototype of the product. The actual product may be different from the images.
※This kit is not made to recreate the landing pose.

・This product cannot be purchased at model shops.
・This product may be released at events organized by our company, other projects, or overseas.
・The number of this product prepared for sales at "Premium Bandai" is limited and may be sold out.
・We are limiting the number of purchases by a single customer due to the limited number of products.